Protecting our planet


As stewards of our planet and leaders in our industry, we recognize the effect our work has on the world around us and the importance of innovation with a focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship. To improve our environmental impact, we are focused on two specific areas:

Promote environmental stewardship

We are continuously evaluating our operating processes and conducting environmentally-focused initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, minimize material waste and prioritize recycling across the value chain. We are making progress to utilize recycled plastic or biodegradable polymer in products and packaging, and implement EPP standards as feasible.



Carsten Faltum, Chief Technology Officer Research & Development "We innovate to improve the lives of our customers and decrease our environmental impact. Sustainable innovation drives our product designs and material selections as we strive to meet the evolving needs of our customers while also protecting the future of our planet." Read our Innovation Sustainability Statement

Sustainable Innovation

We are aligning our innovation strategy with sustainability goals, including developing quality environmentally-friendly products that reduce environmental impact including reducing plastic in packaging and designing for recycling. Every new product developed at Medela must improve the lives of our customers and contribute to our sustainability goals.

Thomas Ertl, Chief Operating Officer Operations & Quality Assurance "As our technology and products evolve, so does our environmental stewardship and global quality strategy." Read our Innovation Sustainability Statement
Programme updates
PVC Policy

Medela Policy on PVC and PVdC

Medela is committed to using chlorine-free polymers in newly developed products and using PVC or PVdC only when their technical properties are strictly necessary for the product performance. We will modify existing products and replace PVC and PVdC with other substances in our components when technically possible.

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