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Martina Radzanowski, Vice President Global Human Resources "By creating a culture of belonging, we are building engaged teams that work together to serve our customers as one Medela family" Read our inclusion statement


As an international organization employing more than 1,800 people worldwide, we are inspired by the passion and commitment of our teams to improve the lives of moms, babies and patients. Fostering an environment that values each member of our team is essential to us. The following are our areas of focus:

Champion equality and advocate for a diverse workforce and inclusive culture

We are focused on balanced representation and pay equality, enabling an ethnically diverse and a gender-balanced workforce. In addition, our mission is to support new moms in their journey, including her return to work. Therefore, we promote benefits that support evolving employee and family needs.

Foster personal growth and well-being

We believe that the way we care for our employees should directly reflect the way we care for our customers. Personal growth and job satisfaction are a pillar to employee engagement and key to our success.

Our focus on professional development, mentorship and training is for all employees. We also support community volunteerism and flexible work environments.

New flexible work schedules and remote and mobile work policies have been successfully introduced in 2020 across the globe to address challenges posed by COVID-19.

Secure anti-corruption across the entire supply chain

We ensure that human rights protections are extended through to our suppliers and partners, to make sure there is no child labor or inhumane working conditions.

Melissa Gonzales, Executive Vice President, Americas "Our commitment to all employees is an inclusive culture that fosters equality, diversity, and personal growth and well-being." Mehr erfahren
Programme updates
Annette Brüls appointed new CEO of Medela

16 Week Parental Leave Program

Medela is now offering 16 weeks paid parental leave for all Medela US employees. Both parents, full and part-time employees, are eligible. We are committed to supporting Medela parents successfully transition back to work after baby.

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